4 Comic Book Storage Tips to Keep Your Collection in Mint Condition

4 Comic Book Storage Tips to Keep Your Collection in Mint Condition
By Nick Duron

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Whether you are new to comic book collecting or are an established collector who is looking for Professional Storage Advice, these 4 handy tips will help you keep your books in mint condition and appreciate in value.

Keep Them Flat

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The best way to keep your books when you aren’t reading them is in a clear protective sleeve with a back board, to keep it nice and flat and avoid creasing. While inexpensive poly bags will provide sufficient protection for your comic books, if you have a rare selection, it may be worthwhile to use Mylar sleeves. These sleeves are slightly more durable and provide a museum grade level of protection that is ideal for preserving mint condition books.

Keep them Organised

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If you are planning on properly storing your books, it’s important to have them ordered and indexed to keep them as accessible as possible when you need them.

Once you have ordered your books, it’s time to give them their new home. When storing comics, it’s extremely important to keep them in acid-free, archive cardboard boxes. These archival storage boxes are fitted perfectly for documents as well as comic books and are universally accepted as the best method of comic book storage.

These archival boxes are perfect for comic books as they are made from an acid-free cardboard and protect your comics from external light which can fade the colouring and compromise their condition

Keep them Cool

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When it comes to comic book storage, one of the key factors is controlling the temperature and humidity. A temperature of 21°C or below is ideal to avoid any heat damage to your books.

This is when it pays to use a professional storage service. When you store your collection at home, in a basement or spare bedroom for instance, you run the risk of exposing your collection to varying temperatures and damaging sunlight.

By investing in Professional Storage, such as container storage, you guarantee yourself a sealed and safe environment for your collection which is resistant to external factors and kept in a secure location.

Keep and Eye on Them

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With such easy access available for storage units, it has never been a better time to professionally store your books for a short or long term period.

To ensure that your collection stays in ideal condition, it is important for you to check on your books every few months.

At the end of the day, that’s why we buy and collect comic books, to read them! So go and enjoy your collection every once and a while and keep a keen eye for anything out of the ordinary in regards to their condition.

While they are safe in storage, it is vital to check for any unusual discolouration or yellowing of the paper that may occur in some books.

If you notice any unusual discolouration or mildew on a specific book, remove it from the rest and allow it to dry away from your collection. Even the smallest amount of water can allow for mildew to spread over a long period of time, so be sure to check your books as you sleeve them before storage.

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If you have a comic collection that deserves to be kept in the best possible condition, then professional storage is the way to go. With an extensive range of long term and short term document storage solutions available at outstanding prices, Palmers Storage are the ideal choice to keep your comics safe while they appreciate.