5 Innovative Storage Ideas

5 Innovative Storage Ideas
By Maddy Williams

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With more people taking up apartment living or modest homes, the question of storage can be a tricky one. But the key to storage is making the most of your existing space. With that in mind, here are some innovative storage solutions we found from around the globe:

1. Modular Apartment and Tiny Houses

A great example of a modular house is the one of Gary Chang, based in Hong Kong. His 344 square foot apartment has capabilities to turn into 24 distinct rooms through some creative thinking and ingenious interior design.

Moveable walls that double as doors feature heavily in this design. Designing these walls as double sided allows one side to be a bookcase, another to be a coat rack. The kitchen can range from spacious to almost invisible, the bed can be out or completely tucked away.

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Of course, you have to be a home-owner to make these kinds of structural changes. Whether it’s your own home or an investment property, you can not only create usable space where there was none before, but vastly increase the value and appeal of your property.

The tiny house movement, which has taken off around the world, also rests on the idea of modular space and top-to-bottom use of space. It is a social movement where people are downsizing their space, and focusing on smaller spaces and simplified living. Check out this amazing tiny house:

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2. Mobile Storage

Don’t have the means to adapt your home, or after storage with the purpose of moving soon in mind? Don’t stress it. Check out mobile storage.This entails hiring professional movers to come and pack your belongings, and to store them at a storage facility. Door-delivery is simply a phone call away.

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This option is of particular use to those between houses, renters, and the time-poor . Rest easy knowing your items will be stored safely to prevent any damage.

3. Hidden Storage

Are you after storage that doesn’t make your space look cluttered? Check out these cool hidden storage ideas. Install a drawer in the slim space under kitchen cupboards, or use photo frames and artworks that double as boxes to store anything from jewellery to paperwork.

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Install a bathtub like this one with stowaway storage, keeping your bathroom amenities both out of the way but within convenient reach.


Never had a bar at home, but always wanted one? Get hold of a portable, four-sided cupboard, and store your alcohol in two sides facing the wall. Whenever you need to crack open the wine for guests, pull out the stowaway bar, and sacrifice neither space nor class.

4. DIY Creative Storage

If you want to work on a budget or you enjoy DIY challenges, then creative storage is for you. There are a whole host of creative storage ideas you could implement. A key idea to apply throughout the house is to change traditionally horizontally-stored items into a vertical storage space. For example, hooks and boards in your kitchen allow many loose items to hang vertically and take up less space. Cupboard door racks in bathrooms and kitchens perform the same function.

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Install a fold-down study desk that leaves a bedroom or living room the option to remain open and spacious. Or install a simple dual rack in the bathroom for a curtain and towel. Whichever the room, there’s an affordable and simple way to maximise your storage space.

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5. Collect-and-Store Storage Boxes

Collect-and-store storage boxes are compact, lockable boxes that act as a great alternative to cardboard boxes. Offered in sizes varying from 40L to 60L, they allow for a whole host of items to be packed. From household items like lamps, appliances, and various breakables, to small office furnishings and large collections of documents, these boxes are an innovative solution to clutter and inadequate conditions for valuables. These cases are also stored at secure storage facilities that protect your items from weather damage and theft.

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This storage option is most fitting for individuals between homes or without the means to create more storage space, as well as businesses without storage spaces who need a secure option for confidential documents.