Cheap and Easy: Shipping Container Storage

Cheap and Easy: Shipping Container Storage in Sydney
By Maddy Williams

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Looking for a cheap and convenient storage option in Sydney? Look no further than shipping container storage, which offers all the perks of self-storage units with the added benefit of portability. Container storage also offers a much larger space for you to store or transport your goods, whether interstate or internationally.

Dropped right to your door

Shipping containers function similarly to self-storage units, with the obvious benefit of being able to deliver your belongings straight to your door. Most shipping containers stand at about 20ft high, though they come in a variety of sizes. Some companies even offer custom-made shipping containers that are bigger than the standard sizes.

Something to watch out for in shipping containers is resistance to the elements. They must be guarded against heat and water damage, or conditions resulting in mould. Try to choose newer shipping containers; some companies offer shipping containers that are new, and have only ever been used domestically. This drastically reduces their wear and tear and susceptibility to weather and moisture damage. When calling around different companies, ask how old their containers are and whether or not they have been used previously for international freight.

So how does it work?

Once you find the right company the shipping containers are delivered to you to pack your belongings. Once they are packed, the container is taken away to a Sydney storage facility until you need it. No matter where you are or where you move to, your shipping container can be delivered to you when you need it. A huge advantage of using shipping containers instead self-storage units is that you know where everything is at all times and you can have your belongings delivered to your home or office at any time, in any place, whether it be a Sydney, Interstate or International address.

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Where are they stored, and is there anything I should look for in a storage facility in Sydney?

Most shipping containers are stored at a storage facility, usually outside. There are a couple of providers that offer undercover storage in Sydney, though most of them don’t. When checking out different providers, make sure to ask what steps have been taken to mitigate damage from the elements, such as heat damage, wind and moisture.

Many storage container will also have cooling systems to make sure your belonings don't overheat in the hot Australian weather.

I need help packing my container!

Never fear! Many storage providers offer the option of packing and/or unpacking your belongings for you. You might also be able to take advantage of free packing materials provided by your removalists. Any removalist hire should implement proper packing procedures, including wrapping your belongings before loading them up and safely transporting them to the local storage facility. Check beforehand that any damage or loss incurred is covered by insurance.

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I want the convenience of a storage container, but don’t have that many things…

Shipping containers are exceptionally large, however some companies offer ‘modules’, which are about the third of the size of a shipping container. This gives you the convenience of a storage container without the responsibility of filling an entire one, which is perfect for Sydney town houses or smaller apartments. However, even full-sized containers are great value for money, so definitely compare prices before opting for a smaller storage option.

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