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Collect and Store Storage Boxes: The Modern Answer to Your Perpetually Cluttered Space
By Maddy Williams

The 21st century is full of exciting discoveries and creative innovations, and finally there’s one to address your mountain-load of stuff. Let me introduce you to convenient collect-and-store storage boxes, a cheap and effective way to store your possessions securely.

What are they?

Collect and store storage boxes are compact, lockable boxes that are designed to keep your items secure. Offered in sizes varying from 40L to 60L, they allow for a whole host of items to be packed. From household items like lamps, appliances, and various breakables, to small office furnishings and large collections of documents, these boxes are an innovative solution to clutter and inadequate conditions for valuables. The cases are stored at secure storage facilities that protect your items from weather damage and theft. Importantly, they are also lockable, enabling an extra level of security from the moment they leave your home or office. Some companies offer a range of other security measures, such as monitored alarm systems and patrolled security, which is more than you could ask for at a mate’s place!

Unlike regular cardboard boxes, these new storage boxes are durable and strong. They are also waterproof and lockable for added security. On top of this you pack them and empty them yourself so you’ll always find your items exactly where you left them. You don’t have to do any of the lifting or moving of the boxes though because your storage provider will do that for you. You can access your storage boxes at any time and choose from a variety of locations to store them in. Such a level of accessibility makes portable storage boxes ideal for a range of purposes.

Why do I need them?

Individuals in all types of situations can benefit by choosing to use portable storage boxes. For older occupants looking to downsize their living space, there is often an overflow of possessions to contend with. Rest easy knowing antiques and treasured childhood items are stored safely away, and readily accessible if the need arises.

Storage boxes can also be advantageous for tenants. With gaps between notoriously short-notice rental evictions and signing a new lease, you can remove the unnecessary stress of figuring out where to safely store a house full of belongings until you find your feet. You can get the clutter out of the way and then have it delivered as soon as you have your new set of keys. Although many storage facilities report that after decluttering a lot of people choose to leave some stuff in storage to have a fresh start in their new abode.

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If you’re a student or young person looking to travel for a few months, this storage solution offers one of the easiest ways to store your possessions cheaply and conveniently. Stow them away at a centrally-located storage facility, and get them delivered to you when you’re back home and settled in.

Storage boxes are also useful for commercial offices. If your company is in the process of relocating, or you simply have an overabundance of documents to store, you can ensure their safety from damage and theft by personally locking them in storage boxes and leaving them at a monitored and patrolled storage facility.

How do I access Portable-Storage Boxes?

Storage boxes are an increasingly popular solution for immediate and convenient safe storage needs. Some companies offer free drop-off and pick-up services of their storage boxes to create a smooth and easy-to-navigate process for relocations and simple storage. This service is particularly useful for renters who have to pack up their belongings at short notice, or for commercial offices needing to have their stored materials delivered promptly. Reputable storage companies will also offer transit insurance to guarantee the safe travel of your goods. Deciding on the use of storage boxes offers the flexibility of being able to access your belongings anywhere, anytime.

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For items that need stowing away but aren’t suited to storage cases, other storage options such as greenhouse storage and storage containers exist. Make sure to choose the option that suits your needs best, at rates that are competitive. Thankfully in our technologically innovative world, you have so many choices at your feet!