The best ways to pack your self-storage unit

Best ways to pack your self-storage unit
By Maddy Williams

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So you’ve gotten yourself a self-storage unit! Learn the fine art to packing one most efficiently, while protecting it from the elements, with our guide that walks you through the steps from beginning to end.

Packing boxes

When packing up your things, attempt to get a uniform set of boxes, so that they’re easier to pack in the storage unit later. Don’t skew too large on the box sizes, as you want them to be relatively easy to lift, as well as be able to get to things as you need them.

Pack heavy items at the bottom, with lighter items at the top. If you can’t fill a box completely with your items, pad out the top with Styrofoam. This will prevent any boxes collapsing over time when they’re stacked.

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While keeping most of your boxes a uniform size, get some smaller ones to pack books. As books are so heavy, it’s best to keep the boxes smaller and easier to lift, as well as less prone to box breakage.

Label your boxes clearly on all four sides, so that no matter which way they’re packed, you’ll be able to locate different items with ease. Now, take an inventory of everything that you have packed, and make a few copies to leave in safe places around your house.

Moisture and mould: preparing your items and the storage unit

Something important to keep in mind is that you will need to take measures to protect your belongings from moisture and mould.

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Pack mattresses in a special plastic to protect it from moisture damage. For fridges and freezers, put a receptacle of salt inside to absorb any moisture.

When it comes to the storage unit itself, cover the floor in plastic, and place boxes on wooden pallets to avoid moisture damage. While it is tempting to use up every inch of space in your storage unit, be sure not to pack your items right against the walls, or they could be exposed to condensation and start growing mould. Leave a small gap between the wall and your items: you’ll be thankful for it in the long run.

Packing the storage unit: the practicalities

When you pack your storage unit, keep in mind that you want most of your items to be easily accessible. This means you can’t pack wall-to-wall and top-to-bottom, or it’s going to be impossible to get to anything without unpacking the entire unit.

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Pack tall items and bulky items at the back and sides of the unit, both for ease and safety- you don’t want an unsteady cupboard in the middle of the room with the danger of falling over and damaging your other goods.

Pack your frequently-used items and boxes towards the front of the storage unit for ease of access. Also, leave small walkways through the storage unit so that you can get to items further back if you need to.

Pack mirrors and large frames on edge, rather than flat, to prevent damage by heavier items being stacked on top of them. Do make sure that they are packed in snugly against other boxes so that they don’t fall over.

Finally, draw up a rough plan of your storage unit to attach to your inventory, so that you won’t forget where anything is.

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