Tips for Sydney cyclists : properly storing your bicycle

Tips for Sydney cyclists : properly storing your bicycle

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Cycling has become the fastest growing modes of transport throughout Sydney, in particular the inner west where students and professionals alike are beginning to ride their bike to the CBD every day.

One of the most important factors to cycling is keeping your bicycle in as good condition as possible when you’re not riding. Whether you are storing your bicycle at home in the garage or a storage unit, it’s vital to take certain steps to make sure your rides are as smooth as possible, especially through busy Sydney traffic.

Cables and Chains

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To ensure that the functionality of your bicycle stays at its peak and rust doesn’t build up, it’s vital to lubricate the chains and cable of your bicycle. Try to stay away from WD40 and other basic oil fluids as they aren’t ideal lubricants for bicycles and can affect the strength of the chain due to undesirable acids and components. Instead, apply just a few drops of degreaser to a clean rag and apply it to the chain.


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After you’ve taken care of the function of your bicycle, it’s important to clean the frame which holds it all together. Mud, gravel and even sand if you ride near the beach can all start to build up throughout your bicycle, clinging to tyres, handlebars and your gears.

Take a soft brush and sweep away any gunk or build-up around the frame, followed by washing it with a damp cloth (chamois work perfectly) until the bike is clean. If your bicycle is going to be stored inside your garage or storage unit, it’s safe from UV damage, although if stored outside, be sure to apply a small coat of vinyl protector to the seat and tyres to avoid damages.


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There is a reason you see bicycles hung from hooks when not being ridden, it’s not just to be fancy, in fact it is very important to keep your tyres as smooth as possible. If left on the ground, in the same position, the rubber on the tyres can become flat or distorted depending on the surface.

When you’re storing your bicycle, especially for a long period of time in a storage unit or at home, keep it off the ground using either a suitable bike rack or a set of hooks that can hold the weight of the bicycle.

Whether you have upgraded to a newer model or are just taking a break from riding, proper storage of your bicycle is vital for a smooth ride when you next ride. For ideal, climate controlled storage for your bicycle, Palmers Storage have you covered with a wide range of module, shipping container and storage unit options which will keep your bicycle in as good a condition as possible.

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