How To Properly Store Your Books For Long Periods Of Time

How To Properly Store Your Books For Long Periods Of Time

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Keeping a library of your favourite literature has become unfortunately less and less common due to the rise of the soft copy. When it comes to storing your books, especially older editions , it’s important to take a few extra factors into consideration to keep your library in as good condition as possible. By finding a cool, dry storage area and packing your literature carefully you can let your books appreciate over the years to come.

Properly Wrapping & Protecting Your Books

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The first consideration to take when storing books is to make sure they are clean and free of dust. To avoid mould build-up, place books carefully in sealable plastic containers that are weatherproof and waterproof. If possible, use new boxes that haven’t stored items such as food in the past. Over time even what seems to be a mild smell can lead to unpleasant odours coming from your books and if not stored in a secure location, could attract pests and rodents.

If you are dealing with older editions, or you are planning to store your books for a long period, wrap each individually in bubble wrap or a chemical free paper towel which will prevent any damages or build-up on the cover. Lay books on horizontally, with the heaviest books at the bottom of the container to avoid damages to lighter, paperback books.

For each container, make a list of the books that are stored inside of it and once sealed, tape the edges of the list on the lid of the container to make finding particular books as easy as can be when you need to access your library.

Proper Storage Location For Your Books

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<p>When storing your books, it’s important to keep them in a cool, dry area that is out of direct sunlight. While garages and spare room may seem ideal, they are often not climate controlled rooms which keep a steady humidity. For this reason, many literature enthusiasts and collectors who wish to store their books and other documentation use self-storage lockers as a cost effective and secure alternative. </p>
<p>By using a <a href= self-storage locker to house your library, you eliminate the chances of a hot climate causing leather bound books to crack as well as a damp climate which leads to mould and water damage.

By taking these factors into consideration when storing your books, you can enjoy your library for many years to come and pass your favourite pieces of literature to future generations who are becoming less and less familiar with hard copy literature.

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