How To Properly Store Your Camping Gear After Your Trip

How To Properly Store Your Camping Gear After Your Trip

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While camping gear is built to last and endure the outdoors, it can become quite fragile and easily ruined if it’s not cleaned, dried and stored properly after use. We know that the last thing you want to do after a camping trip is clean all your gear, so we’ve made a quick guide to get your camping equipment ready for storage as quick and ,stress-free as possible.


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You never want to store a tent with water, dirt or mud throughout it. Even a small bit of mud will turn rancid after time and start to smell awful as it begins to turn to mould and rot.

So the first thing to do when you get home is to pitch your tent in the backyard and sweep away any dirt or build up throughout the interior and giving the exterior a decent rinse with the hose. While it’s drying off, grab your tent pegs and give them a wash in the sink using dishwashing liquid. This is where most of the mud can hang around, so make sure they’re spick and span before you pack everything away.

Sleeping Bags

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It’s important to wash your sleeping bag before you store it if it has started to smell. Sleeping bags are made of delicate insulation fibres which can be damaged if cleaned incorrectly. For this reason, we recommend using a front-load washing machine, using a warm temperature on a gentle cycle with a quarter of a cup of mild detergent.

After you have washed your sleeping bag, let it dry and air out for 24 hours. (Even if your sleeping bag didn’t need to be washed, let it air out for the same amount of time). To properly dry out your bag, hang it inside out in the closet.

As we mentioned, sleeping bags are made of delicate insulation fibres which when kept compressed in sleeping bag sleeves can be damaged and lose their ability to keep you warm while you sleep on your next adventure. For this reason, keep your sleeping bag stored in a breathable location, whether it be hung up in a laundry garment bag or rolled carefully into a large pillowcase. No matter what method you choose, make sure it’s as far away from a compression bag as possible.

Electronics & Cooking Gear

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This is your flashlights, GPS systems, Lamps and other campsite appliances. Before you store these items, be sure to turn them off and remove any batteries to prevent leakage or rust within the appliance. Check any input and outputs for dirt and build-up and remove with a small brush if it’s apparent.

Once you’ve removed the batteries, store them in a sealed, see-through bag with the relevant appliance.

When it comes to cooking gear, be sure that all pots and pans are clean and dry, as well as all utensils. Remove all gas canisters from any stoves and store them separately, ensuring all gas outlets are sealed and kept in a dry and cool space.

How To Store

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Once your camping equipment is clean and dry, you will need to store everything appropriately to ensure that it stays in good condition. The best method for keeping things free of external moisture and pest infestation is the use of sealable plastic boxes.

As well as being great for storage, these boxes stack well for transport and are easily labelled, making them perfect for quickly loading up the car when it’s time for your next trip.

If you don’t have the required cool and dry space for your camping gear around the house, you may want to consider a self-storage unit which is climate controlled and cost effective. Here at Palmers Storage, we cater to many outdoor adventurers and keep their gear safe and sound in between holidays. Our lockers are available to access 24/7 and have round-the-clock security. For more information about a storage locker that suits your needs and budget, give us a ring on 02 9742 6662 for a friendly chat and a free quote.