Creative Tips for Storing your Christmas Decorations

Creative Tips for Storing your Christmas Decorations

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When the holidays come to an end, packing away your decorations quickly becomes a daunting task that if rushed, can lead to loss or damage for next year. We’ve put together some creative tips for Christmas decoration storage so that your ornaments and lights stay safe and ready to use for next year.

Wrap your Christmas Lights on Coat Hangers

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Coat hangers are a great way to keep your lights and other cords tangle-free and organised. Whether you hang them up in the closet, or lay them in a container, they offer enough space for you to wrap plenty of lights around them and are easily stored.

Egg Cartons for Small Ornaments

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If you have small ornaments that have the potential to be easily lost or damaged, egg cartons offer a perfect storage space for them during the year. They can be easily labelled, house small ornaments perfectly, and can be stacked on top of each other in a larger container with other decorations without taking up too much space.

Store beads in empty water bottles

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There is nothing more annoying and tedious than untangling decorations come Christmas time. We’ve found a simple tip that can prevent this. Lay your beads or garland into a water bottle, and seal it for easy storage. That way, come next December, you have instant access to your decorations, tangle and hassle-free.

Use Clear Containers

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Clear containers are ideal for decoration storage. While they are easily labelled, they also allow you to quickly see which container is holding what, and how much space is left inside. When unpacking, you can sometimes throw things in any container to save time and effort, with this handy tip, you know exactly which box is holding what, regardless of packing mistakes.

Glue plastic cups to cardboard for larger ornaments

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If your tree has some larger, more delicate ornaments that need a safe spot throughout the year, this tip will stop them from getting lost or tangled together in storage. Simply get some inexpensive plastic cups or tumblers that are suitable in size, and glut the base to a cardboard sheet that fits the dimensions of your containers. They can hold dozens of ornaments and stack super easy, making it a great solution for not only holiday decorations, but other delicate household items, year round.

Old wine boxes are great for wrapping paper storage

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These already partitioned boxes make for great wrapping paper storage over the holidays. Save yourself from crinkled and ripped wrapping paper by arranging your rolls in separate compartments, keeping them in order, making wrapping the kids presents more stress-free than ever!

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Most importantly, Happy Holidays from everyone here at Palmers Storage and Relocation.