De-clutter your home and make room for guests this Christmas

De-clutter your home and make room for guests this Christmas

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Dreading having the house full of relatives over Christmas and New Years? You’re not alone.

As December quickly approaches, plans for who will be hosting Christmas this year are being made and I have drawn the short straw this year. It wasn’t until I realised how cluttered my place was that the idea of having the in-laws over for week started to sink in.

Whether you are having family to visit for the day or are having them stay for a few days, there’s no need to panic. I’ve done some research for the both of us and compiled a list of tips to properly arrange a small space to comfortably house the family over the holidays.

Find everyone a place to sleep… Comfortably

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One of the hardest things to arrange is a place for everyone to sleep. If you’re like me and don’t have enough beds for everyone to sleep on comfortably, don’t start laying blankets on the floor or offering up the springy couch. Instead, go and buy a decent quality air mattress. They provide a great night’s sleep and can be deflated and stored incredibly easy when they aren’t being used.

Clear out the living room

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Do you really need that TV guide from last week sitting on the coffee table? Is the couch really a good spot to keep your work documents? Take a box or container and fill it with all the non-essentials that can fit in it. Be ruthless, clear as much out as you can carry.

By removing all clutter and small, delicate items, you make the room look bigger and cleaner, creating a welcoming environment for your guests. This is especially important if the kids are joining you for the holidays. Make sure any lamps, vases and sports equipment that may be around the house is properly packed and ready for storage.

Use the space you’ve got

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By compacting your items into containers, you make life easier for yourself when it comes to storage around the house.

Be creative with your home storage locations. Storing things under the bed or in the closet may be inconvenient, but will save your guests living in a messy environment.

Use professional storage if need be

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While home storage is a cheap option for the short term. Having containers and boxes scattered around the house may get annoying in the long term. If you find your place feeling a lot more open and tidy after cleaning it for guests, why not store your items professionally?

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