What To Do With Your Kids Stuff When They Move Out Of Home

What To Do With Your Kids Stuff When They Move Out Of Home

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So your kids are all grown up and they’ve left the nest, leaving behind a room full of childhood memories to collect dust. While it’s sad to see your kids go, you now have a spare room in the house which you’re free to renovate or decorate in any way you see fit. Whether you want to convert the space into a home office, gym or gaming room, we have put together a guide to help you de-clutter and re-invent your child’s old room.

How Do I De-Clutter My Spare Bedroom?

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The first thing you want to do when decluttering a room, is have 3 piles or large boxes to organise the clutter. One pile for charity donations, one for rubbish and one for items you wish to keep and store Now let’s get started.

Every item in the room should be put into a pile, without exception. You have to get completely de-clutter the room to make it your own. If you are unsure if you or your child may need something in the future, the safe option is to place it in the storage pile. While you are de-cluttering the room, it’s important not to throw out items with sentimental value to your child, so take your time and don’t be afraid to store something you are unsure of.

Beds & Large Furniture

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Beds and are always good items to keep in storage rather than dispose of. If you child has gone to university or overseas for a gap year, they will probably need a bed when they get home and move out properly. The same goes for large furniture. Items such as chest of drawers and wardrobes are usually quite expensive so keeping them in storage for your when your child needs them again will prove to be a good investment in the long run.

When storing a bed, it’s important to take proper care of the mattress to ensure its cushioning remains intact. Firstly, you should seek a climate controlled storage location. Too much humidity can lead to mould build up and ruin the mattress. Be sure to wrap the mattress in a plastic cover to keep it clean and dismantle the bed, keeping small screws in a labelled zip lock bag taped to the frame.

Toys & Trophies

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When you start to clean your child’s room you will probably begin to realise that the same toys have been sitting in the same boxes since for years. You’ll find yourself coming across a sea of trading cards, action figures and Christmas presents from years ago. It’s important to be very careful when making the decision of what’s trash and what’s treasure. There could be a reason why your child chose to keep certain toys way after they lost interest in them. Certain action figures, dolls and trading cards appreciate in value over the years so to be safe, it’s best to store these items as you found them. These small items will take up minimal space in a storage locker and could appreciate in value over the years.

Books & Documents

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If your child recently sat their final high school exams, there is bound to be endless piles of notes, textbooks and novels scattered around their desk. On top of this they have their own personal library with books that while important to them, may have been inconvenient to take with them to university or overseas.

In regards to high school notes and books, if you have any younger children that will be sitting the same exams in the next year or so you may want to hang onto them. If not, straight to the recycling bin. With text books, do a quick amazon search to see if they are still relevant and being sold. This will take under a minute per book but will give you peace of mind when making your decision to keep or throw out the book.

When it comes to storing books, it’s important to find a climate controlled space with no chance of water damage. Self-storage facilities are perfect as they offer specialised document storage services to keep your books in great condition for future use or re-sale. Wrap each book individually in chemical free wrapping paper and keeping them neatly in a sealable storage container with a taped list of the contents on the lid. For more information on proper book storage, see our guide for great tips

Where To Store Your Child’s Belongings

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Once you have emptied the room, you’ll have a storage pile that needs a new home. A home gym or study doesn’t have the same feeling with a big pile of old toys and a mattress in the corner, so self-storage is a great option. You’ve gone to a lot of effort to de-clutter your spare room, and here at Palmers Storage, we want to help you keep it that way. We have a wide range of self-storage and mobile storage solutions that start from 1m² to your suit your individual requirements. Call us now on 02 9742 6662 for a friendly chat and a free quote on how you can store your child’s belongings affordably in Sydney.