What To Consider When Downsizing Your Home In Sydney

What To Consider When Downsizing Your Home In Sydney

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With the rising cost of inner city living in Sydney, residents are choosing to downsize their living space in favour of being close to transport and infrastructure. It’s not only young couples and students who are choosing the city apartment life, but many retirees are following suit, allowing them to be more active in their community and retirement. If you are looking to downsize your living space, we’ve put together a handy guide for de-cluttering and preparing your move into a smaller apartment with ease.

The Cost Of Downsizing In Sydney

If you are selling your current property, be sure to get a number of opinions so you are given the best price possible. Once you have a realistic amount you can work with, you have to make a decision on how much you are willing to invest in an apartment. Many areas of Sydney are gentrifying rapidly and the property is going up in value as you would expect. Even with the market increase in price, if you are downsizing from a house, a smaller townhouse or apartment will suit your budget nicely.

The Pros and Cons Of Downsizing In Sydney

Apart from saving money there are plenty of reasons why more and more Sydney siders are downsizing. While there are plenty of good reasons to downsize, there are also disadvantages to moving into a smaller apartment. Some people, find the effort to regularly socialise with neighbours and the lack of privacy uncomfortable after having plenty of space, where others embrace it. Many couples fear the idea of getting rid of their belongings, although self storage options make it extremely easy and affordable to hold onto your belongings without having them create clutter in your apartment.

On the bright side, moving into a smaller apartment will save you money on utilities, allowing you to save for vacations or luxury items which were unobtainable with the financial responsibility of maintaining a larger property.

Free Yourself From Clutter

While some people fear losing their antiques and sentimental items, when we help our customers move, we notice that they usually share the same excitement when they see just how much space they have in their new home, even when they are downsizing. Often time’s large pieces of furniture and a number of smaller items are put into storage to keep their new apartment without clutter and mess.

In order to downsize, you will have to say goodbye to some items that simply won’t fit into your new place. When the time comes to de-clutter, it’s important to be completely honest with yourself while assessing the necessity of certain items. Be sure to take correct measurements of your new place to see what will fit and what is too large. Make the most of your space with creative storage solutions, using benches and shelves to conveniently keep your belongings. If you find yourself with left over furniture or sentimental items that you can’t see yourself selling, long term self storage is a great option.

What Is Mobile Storage And Why Is It Ideal For Downsizing In Sydney?

Mobile storage, is self storage that comes to your doorstep, saving you truck hire and travel costs to storage facilities that can be miles away from your home. Many customers use mobile storage when they are moving home, especially when they are downsizing. The reason is, that you can take the time to pack your home into your container and leave behind any items you wish to be stored after the move. Once your belongings are packed into your new home, your leftover items like large antiques and sports equipment are kept in your secure container and stored safely.

If you are considering downsizing into a smaller town house or apartment in Sydney, Palmers can assist you every step of the way. Our mobile storage gives is ideal for moving home and keeping your items secure in storage if they aren’t moving in with you to your new place. For a friendly chat about your moving requirements and a free quote, give us a call today on 02 9742 6662 or contact us online at your convenience.