How To Find The Right Housemate For Your Spare Room In Sydney

How To Find The Right Housemate For Your Spare Room In Sydney

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Whether your kids have moved out and your looking to rent out a spare room in your home or you hold the lease on a share house occupied by young professionals and uni students, it’s vital to prepare yourself appropriately by interviewing possible tenants properly. Don’t let yourself fall into a nightmare situation with unpleasant roommates. Take the time to assess each possible tenant and find out which one will accompany your lifestyle the best.

Couples vs Individuals

A very important thing to consider before you put up your facebook classified or gumtree ad is whether or not you want to live with a couple or a single person. Both have their pros and cons. Single people means less people in the house, less cleaning to do and more room in the fridge. The other side of that is that they may be more into partying and having friends over, which depending on your preference may be a bad thing.

Couples are sometimes preferred as they are usually more relaxed and organised, although can be less desirable if they have a dysfunctional relationship. Make a decision based on your own personal situation and what will suit your lifestyle best.

Work And Cost Of Living

What seems like an obvious first question, many people who are interviewing tenants often skim past. What do you do for a living? It’s not rude to ask someone who is responsible for paying you a weekly rent what they do for a living in order for you to get a grasp on their ability to pay on time. If you have some doubt of whether or not they would make a good house mate is to ask for a reference from a previous house mate, or even better a mutual friend that knows them a bit better. Remember, this person is going to be living with you, so don’t put wallet at risk by ignoring their ability or lack of ability to pay rent on time, every time.


If you can, try and have a look at their Facebook page and get an idea of what they get up to on the weekend and in their leisure time. It’s important to take an honest approach to what you want in a room mate who has every potential of becoming a close friend.

Do you want to live with someone whose idea of a Saturday night is a quiet one with some takeaway and Netflix or someone who will buckle up for a pub crawl and bring the afterparty back to the house?

Be completely honest with the way you live and what you are willing to tolerate when it comes to parties, guests, late nights during the week and early mornings on the weekend. While Facebook is a great indicator, ask the person personally what goes into their ideal week. If it aligns with you, or is unobtrusive to your lifestyle, then it will make it much easier to make a decision. Better to ask these questions now than later when it’s too late.

Financial Planning

It’s all well and good to agree upon splitting the bills and agreeing on a rent amount when you first interview your new tenant, but it’s vital to get everything you agreed upon in writing to eliminate the risk of miscommunication in the future. You protect yourself from being taken advantage of by drawing up a quick contract with clear weekly, fortnightly or monthly amounts so be sure to take your time and be diligent with the agreement.

Storage And Relocation

If you have excess belongings in your spare room that you wish to get rid of to make space, but do not want to dispose of, you may want to consider long term storage while you have a tenant occupy the room. The efficiency of mobile storage solutions are hard to overlook. This is when a container is delivered to your home for you to pack with the belongings you wish to be stored, and picked up when you’re done to be taken to a secure storage location. The same goes for relocations. If your current tenant is moving out and needs a relocation service, mobile containers can be delivered to a new address and are perfect for small scale and large scale moves throughout Sydney.

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