How To Properly Clean And Store Your Fishing Gear

How To Properly Clean And Store Your Fishing Gear

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If you’re like us here at Palmers and you love going fishing, whether it be an early morning cast at Brighton Le Sands or a weekend trip to Port Stephens its’ important to remember to clean and store your gear properly to avoid unpleasant odours and damage to your gear. To avoid costly and unnecessary replacements, we’ve put together our top tips for keeping your fishing gear in the best condition possible.

The Reel

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Nothing is more heart breaking than a jammed reel when you have one on the line, so let’s start with cleaning the reel properly before storage. After cutting any old and excess line away, it’s time to lubricate the reel. Most fishing stores supply fishing reel oil, although any lubricating oil will do. If you don’t have your hands on any at the time, use WD-40, it does a fair job and will also clean the reel well. Take apart the reel and lubricate all moving parts to avoid build up and clogging.

The Rod

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Before cleaning and storing your rod, check it for any damage, keeping a good eye out for any worn guides and replacing them if need be.

To clean your rod, use a soft cloth soaked in warm water with detergent. This is especially important if you fish at the beach as salt water is corrosive and can do long term damage to your rod if you don’t clean it properly before storage. To remove any dirt or sand build-up on the rod, use a small bristled brush (a toothbrush works well).

Once your rod is clean, allow it completely dry before storing it. Once it’s dry, store your rod vertically on a rod rack away from other equipment or tools. This is important as storing a rod horizontally can cause curvature which will drastically affect its usability.

Tackle Box

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It is especially important to keep your tackle box in good condition. If you plan on storing your gear for a long period of time, be sure to run any used sinkers and lures that you wish to keep under fresh water with no soap to remove any salt from the ocean water. Again, if there’s any stubborn build-up a toothbrush works great. Keep an eye out for any rusty hooks and throw them out as you find them. Clean your knife as you would any kitchen knife, disinfecting the blade and sharpening it if necessary.

Proper Storage

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Once your gear is cleaned it's important to store it correctly to avoid damages.

  • Store in a cool dry area as hot temperatures can damage fiberglass and graphite.
  • Remember to store your rods vertically, on a rack to avoid curvature
  • Place your reels in a labelled protective box, similar to your tackle box
  • Keep your gear seperate from other tools or equipment that could damage it, while keeping it out of reach from the kids to avoid any injury

If you love to fish and need a secure and accessible storage facility for your gear in Sydney, we here at Palmers have you covered. Give us a call today on 02 9742 6662 for a quick chat about your storage requirements and we will help you choose a storage unit that’s perfect for your individual needs, saving you money and plenty of space around the house.