Factors to consider for young families buying an apartment

Factors to consider for young families buying an apartment

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With the cost of houses rising every year, more and more buyers are switching to the apartment market. To live in major cities these days, apartments are the most cost effective way to own property and stay close to work.

Location Location Location!

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One of the most important factors to consider is the location of the unit. If you are willing to downsize from a house, you can afford to live in a more central location.

Keep an eye out for anywhere that is walking distance from public transport, shops and not too far from a school if you have kids or are expecting. Having these things close by will save you time, money and effort later down the track.

Car Space

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Having a safe place to park your car, especially close to the city is a huge plus. Parking around the city can be a nightmare, so having your own spot is a tremendous feature and will make your apartment more attractive to the market if you choose to sell in the future.


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If you are a young family, you would ideally look for an apartment on the first two floors that is easily accessible and keeps your kids away from steep balconies. Generally, the lower the level, the better. It makes your apartment easy to sell down the track to other families and as well older buyers who avoid walking up and down stairs.

Building Quality

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Be sure to get a certified building inspector to take a look at the building and the apartment itself before you make an offer to buy. A complex that is showing signs of deterioration, with cracks and splits in the walls and ceiling can be a sign of a more serious problem that can cost you later on.

Other tenants

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Try and get an idea of the dynamics of the building occupants before you buy. Ask you real estate agent if they know how many tenants are owners. Usually, the more owners that live in a building, the better maintained it is.

Having a well maintained building means it will be more presentable which is pleasant for you while you live there and makes your property more desirable for when you decide to sell.

As well as these tips be sure to accommodate for your personal taste. If you are sacrificing buying a stand alone house in order to live closer to the city, be sure to find one that is perfect for you and your individual needs, after all, it’s your new families first home.

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