How To Prepare Your Sydney Home For Auction

How To Prepare Your Sydney Home For Auction

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When you are preparing to sell your home at auction, your main goal should be to maximise potential sale price without spending an exuberant amount of money on decorators, cleaners and contractors. If you are preparing your home for inspection, we’ve put together a quick guide consisting of our top industry tips showing you how to get your place in shape for auction.

Neutralise Your Environment

It’s important to create an inviting environment throughout your home that doesn’t give too much personal information about your lifestyle. De-clutter the living room especially so that the potential buyers have a chance to envision themselves living in the house themselves. De-personalise the space by removing family photos and making it as neutral as possible for the diverse group of potential buyers who will be attending the inspection. If you have a large amount of clutter, we suggest a short term mobile storage solution. This can also give you a head start on moving home as once you have packed your clutter into the mobile unit, you can store it until you move home, where it can be promptly delivered and unpacked when you’re ready.

Painting and Decoration

Chipped doors and walls can turn off potential buyers, making them feel that the house may need a lot of work when it doesn’t. For this reason, we recommend that you consider having the house professionally painted before the inspection. Further consider a neutral tone that makes the place look more spacious; ask your painting service for a colour consultation to find a non gender-biased shade that suits the lighting of the house.

Accentuate Your Homes Features

We suggest having a framed collection of your home’s features. This includes a brief record of any recent upgrades or renovations that will give potential buyers peace of mind including: rewiring, heating installation, energy ratings and water tank specifications. Another recommendation is to highlight the local benefits of your home such as distance to transport, parking, local amenities and a bit of insight about the neighbourhood. These features add value to your property as they differentiate your home from others who fail to provide information that potential buyers really want before they commit to a purchase.

Re-Decorating Your Home’s Interior

While the current layout of your home may suit you and your family perfectly, often time cosy settings can seem closed off and less spacious. After de-cluttering, be sure to spread your furniture out to create space for a nice flow of traffic during the inspection. If you have older furniture, consider packing it into your mobile storage container while de-cluttering. If not, a few throw pillows or quilts can transform their look and add decoration to old sofas, armchairs and futons.

Re-Decorating Your Home’s Exterior

This is an important factor to making your home stand out from others. If you’re lucky enough to have a front lawn and backyard in Sydney, make the most of the space. You may want to consider investing in a gardener if you don’t garden yourself. Green is good. Be sure to have green foliage around the garden to bring it to life. If you have a fence around your garden, you may want to again request a colour consultation from your painting service to see colour appropriately accentuates the colours of your plants and foliage.

Create Space

As we mentioned earlier, de-cluttering is a vital part of creating a neutral environment, this is important as it gives each and every potential buyer the ability to picture themselves living in your home. You don’t need to invest in large renovations to create space in your home. By clearing out bulky and awkward future and spreading out your floor plan you can create a spacious look and feel. Give the living room a centrepiece such as a stylish rug that ties the room together so your furniture doesn’t seem isolated. This will give potential buyers something to remember and show that your home can be easily decorated.

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