Quick Guide to Professional Wine Storage

Quick Guide to Professional Wine Storage
By Nick Duron

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If you are a wine lover and are looking to grow your collection or are a business looking to store your wine stock in a temperature controlled and secure environment, you may want to consider professional wine storage to ensure that your wine ages correctly with outstanding flavour.

Whether your hobby is starting to take up too much room around the house or you are concerned with the climate of your current cellar, professional wine storage is a fail-safe way to keep your wine from spoiling or degrading.


If you currently store your wine at home, it may be at risk of losing its full flavour and value due to an inconsistent surrounding climate. The key benefit of storing your wine professionally is that it is kept within a suitable climate that allows your wine to age appropriately without compromising taste, smell or texture.

If your wine is exposed to constant warm temperatures, it can begin to overheat or “cook”, which can lead to an unsatisfying flavour and aroma.

There are many opinions on the correct temperature for storing wine, although the general consensus is that suitable wine temperatures hover around 10-12°C for full bodied white wines and a warmer 12-15°C (55°F-60°F) for full-bodied reds. When you invest in professional wine storage, you can keep peace of mind knowing that your wine is in a beneficial, controlled climate.


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There is a reason that winemakers use dark glass for their bottles, it acts as a shade from unwanted sunlight which over time can tarnish the taste and smell of your valuable collection. However, despite this protection, no bottle is truly safe from premature aging unless it is kept in a dark cellar, hence the importance of choosing the right lighting when storing your wine.

Your best bet is to store your wine in a dark cellar without exposure to UV rays, which are common in professional wine storage facilities.


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Along with climate and UV exposure another important factor to consider when storing wine is finding a calm area. Some people make the unfortunate mistake of storing a fantastic bottle of wine in the wrong location. Living rooms and kitchens are areas where most people tend to store their wine without considering the foot traffic that can shake the wine and over time it can affect the sediment of older wine.

If you are serious about your wine collection and want your investment to appreciate over time in both quality and value, it may be time to consider professional wine storage services. Palmers Storage proudly stores wine and top shelf liquor for a wide range of customers who expect nothing but the best. It is kept in secure temperature controlled conditions but still affords easy accessibility.

Palmers has a knowledgeable team of storage professionals who have had years of experience in storing precious materials and have translated those skills into providing a wine storage service that is second to none. If you are looking to store your wine collection in fantastic conditions and excellent prices then give Palmers Storage a call on 1300 363 916 today to have a chat about the perfect storage solution for you and your wine collection.

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