How To Clean and Store Your Ski Gear

How To Clean and Store Your Ski Gear In Sydney

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Whether you are returning from overseas or packing it up after a winter in Thredbo, it’s important to take proper care when cleaning and storing your ski gear so it’s ready to go next time you head to the slopes. If you love winter as much as us here at Palmers, you’re going to want to keep your gear in as good condition as possible, so we’ve put together a quick guide to make life easier for you to make sure your gear is ready for the snow next season.

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As you know, a good pair of ski’s can really set you back, so we find it’s best to take care of them first after a big season. If you get in the habit of tuning up and properly waxing your skis at the end of every trip, you’ll never have to worry about it when you leave for the next, they’ll always be ready to go.

When you arrive home from a ski trip we recommend:

  • 1. Rinse your skis carefully and let them air dry.
  • 2. Tune your skis, removing any rust that may have accumulated. If you don’t know how to do it, see a professional. (For a refresher course, see this short video)
  • 3. Using the recommended wax, apply a decent coat to the base of your skis and let it set.
  • 4. Strap your skis together and keep them in a cool dry place, without anything on top ontop of them.

Poles don’t require as much attention. If they aren’t damaged from the season, give them a good rinse, let them air dry and strap them together, keeping them in the same cool, dry place as your skis.

The same goes for boots. Wipe them down and make sure they are completely air dried. If they are wet, take out the inner cushioning and allow them to dry before storing them. Make sure to pay extra attention to the exterior for cracks as they have to be repaired before use. As for helmets, make sure they are dry, both inside and out and be extra careful to spot any cracks that may need repairs.

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Your ski goggles need some extra attention when you are cleaning them before storage. Once they are dry, wipe the outer lens with a lens cloth, preferably the one that came with the specific pair. Don’t wipe the inside of the lens with the cloth or any other material. Ski goggles have an anti-fog coating which helps you see clearly in freezing temperatures, if you accidentally remove or damage the coat, you risk an accident next time you’re heading down the slopes. After you’ve wiped the outside lens, place the goggles in your boot bag with a soft cover keeping the lenses safe.

Your ski jacket and pants, no matter how long you were in the snow will need a wash. There are special ways to wash ski clothing as it usually is made of carefully designed materials to keep them waterproof. To wash your gear, set it on a gentle cycle with powdered detergent. Make sure that the gear is properly rinsed on a cold setting to make sure that no detergent is left behind.

Afterwards dry in a cool area or if you must, the lowest setting of your drier. To store you outerwear, hang them like you would any garment, although a protective plastic bag can help give an extra layer of protection.

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When you’re storing your ski gear, both the equipment and your outerwear are best kept in a cool, dry space, off the ground with no chance of water damage. For climate controlled self-storage services with 24/7 access, look no further than Palmers Storage. Whether you need to store your ski gear over the summer or for a long period of time before your next trip, we have cost effective solutions that can be tailored to your needs, giving you full access to your gear whenever you need it.

For more information about cost effective self-storage solutions for your ski gear in Sydney, give us a call today on 02 9742 6662 for a friendly chat andfree quote. You can also contact us online by filling out a quote form for a quick response.