Shipping Containers : Storage and Relocation made easy

Shipping Containers : Storage and Relocation made easy

While shipping containers are extremely versatile and are being used for a wide range of uses, from restaurants to disaster shelters, they are still an ideal and cost effective solution for moving and storage for households and businesses alike.


Container Storage Sydney

Whether short term or long term, containers provide a cost effective and secure storage space for your business or household items. Especially around the holiday period at the end of the year, businesses find themselves with additional stock and households may need to free up space for visiting relatives.

Many retail shopfronts have a variety of promotional material and decorations that are only used for certain times of the year. Large and bulky Christmas, Easter or Halloween decorations can cramp up the workplace and cause unnessarcery clutter. Shipping container storage is an excellent way to store these items while they aren’t needed, and easily access them when they are.

Even if you decide to move home or relocate your business, you can still have direct access to your items, as your container can be easily shipped to your new location in a prompt manner.


Container Storage Sydney

Whether you’re planning on moving the family or the business, shipping containers are an essential tool in fast and cost effective relocations. Shipping containers were designed for exactly that, shipping, so whether you are moving interstate or internationally, they are easily transported by road, rail or sea.

No matter the size of your relocation, shipping containers can be suited to your individual needs. If you are planning a move, but don’t require a full containers worth of storage, you can take advantage of group consignment.

This basically divides the space you use in a container from the overall price, and you only pay for the space you use. Whether you need just a few boxes, or half a container, we will group you with other clients so we can all save time and money on excess shipping and handling fees.

Family Relocation Sydney

If you are moving the family, there’s no reason to leave anything behind, even your four legged friends. It’s never been easier to safely and carefully transport household pets to new locations with the advancement of container shipping. Here at Palmers, we have a long and trusted relationship with pet specialists, Dogtainers, who have been happily relocating family pets around the globe for years.

At Palmers, we take every step in providing you and your business or family with the most cost effective and reliable storage and relocation services. For years we have been assisting our clients with the cheapest and most logistically beneficial solutions to their individual needs.

If you’re after cost effective and reliable Storage and Relocation services, give us a ring today on 02 9742 6662 for a friendly chat with our team about the best solution for you.