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Palmers Storage provides container storage across Sydney for long distance moves and large item storage.

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Shipping Containers make perfect sense for larger scale storage requirements. If you are planning on moving house throughout Sydney and need to store large amounts of bulky furniture during your relocation, or even need to store a vehicle or piece of machinery, Container Storage is perfect for you.

Shipping Containers are large in size and extremely durable. They are designed to withstand exposure in a wide range of climates and environments. Containers are extremely secure and are virtually impenetrable once sealed, which ensures that unwanted persons and pests are kept out.

When you are looking at storage options in NSW, make sure you consider the mobility and ease of use of shipping container storage. They are easily transported from one place to another and can store an entire home's contents. Also ask us about our overseas relocation options with shipping container storage, get your things delivered across the world with ease!

Why Should You Choose Palmers Sydney Container Storage?

Palmers Sydney Storage has years of experience in container storage and transporting, making each move as easy as possible.

Possibly the greatest feature of Container Storage is that Shipping Containers are designed for transport, making it easy to relocate your goods without packing and unpacking self storage lockers at different location.

Container storage is the best way to move overseas, packing everything you need into one easy storage option and moving it across the world. Instead of having to use multiple storage boxes, use a single storage container for your long distance relocation. We can insure your storage container arrives when you need it with minimal fuss. We also make sure all of your items are well secured and safe while travelling or being stored at our Sydney storage facility.

Container Storage is perfect for large scale relocations and make moving house or business incredibly time and cost efficient. Call us now on 02 9742 6662 to arrange a hassle free container storage solution that will assist you greatly with large scale storage solutions as well as home or business relocations.

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Sydney Container Storage Solutions

We offer storage solutions for all needs including business and office storage to factory and home storage.

Container storage is perfect for all large storage jobs. We can pack your storage container at your home, office or business making it easy to move your things into storage. You don’t have to hire trucks or vans to move your things into storage when we come to you. Large machinery can be stored with ease direct from your factory, ensuring your machinery isn’t damaged during the move into storage. Cars, boats and motorcycles can also be easily stored in container storage. This is perfect for transporting your car, boat or motorcycle overseas in a safe environment.

At Palmers Storage we make sure you have fully access to your storage 24/7 at our Sydney based storage facility. With guards, cameras and alarms you can also be sure that our storage facility is fully secured and protected 24/7. We make sure that our facility is fully secured with security fences and cameras around the perimeter. We also go to huge lengths to ensure your goods and precious items remain safe while in storage with us. We guarantee water damage and mould protection as well as defense from pests such as rats and cockroaches with our facility being fully airtight. Contact us today to find out more about our storage solutions available across Sydney.

While we have a number of storage options at Palmers Storage, our container storage is definitely our most versatile. Able to move across the world with ease whilst keeping your things safe and sound. Also the ability to pack the unit straight from your home or office makes container storage extremely efficient and time effective. Ask us how we can help you store and pack your container storage today.

Using Container Storage For Overseas Moves

We can help you store or move overseas with our container storage solution.

Palmers Sydney Container Storage is the best equipped for your storage needs. We have professional removalists on hand to help you with your move into storage. They can help with packing of your goods into boxes as well as the storage of you items in the container. They have years of experience in the removals business and can make sure everything is secure in your storage container. They can also help move large items and disassemble items that need to fit though tight spaces. This includes furniture, office wares and machinery. Our removalists will also make sure your container is full secure and that everything inside is safe before your overseas move. That means your things we be safe while being transported across the world, a process that can usually see items seriously damaged.

When you are looking to move long distances it is stressful enough without having to worry about moving all your things with you. That’s where Palmers Storage steps in, we give you piece of mind about the safety of your things during your move. Container storage is perfect for overseas moves as you can send it ahead and have it waiting in storage when you arrive in your new location or leave it in our secure storage facility to be delivered once you have settled in your new surroundings. It is the flexibility and safety that container storage provides that makes it such an attractive option for overseas movers. Call us on 02 9742 6662 or fill out our quote form for a quote on storage or removals.

So if you need a cheap, effective and professional storage service, call Palmers Storage today on 02 9742 6662 to find out how we can help you. You can also fill out our quote form to get a free quote, obligation free. We have years of experience in storage and removals and we continue to build a strong relationship with our clients, giving them the best possible service available in Australia and worldwide with expert international removals.