Making the most of storage space as a small business owner

Making the most of storage space as a small business owner

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Apple, Google, Amazon and Disney; all of these companies have one thing in common with each other: They all started in someone’s garage.

As a small business or start-up owner, while ambition levels are high, capital can be low. For this reason, entrepreneurs have branched out to self-storage units for accessible, affordable and secure space for an officeor warehouse alternative.

Here’s why storage units are becoming the new go-to for ambitious business owners across Australia and the world.

Safe and Secure Product Storage

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Many small businesses owners, especially those who primarily deal with e-commerce sales, have begun using storage units as an extremely cheap alternative to a warehouse. For small products that need a safe and secure home, storage units are a great option, keeping your home free of clutter.

Goods that are in transit and need either long or short-term storage, as well as unused furniture from other business locations can be easily stored with complete access to them when they are required.

Storage units offer a level of security that has given small business owner’s piece of mind in regards to the safety of their inventory. With detailed access logs and 24 hour security, you get both storage services and security services for a fraction of the cost of buying warehouse space and securing it yourself.

Efficient Business Space

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Storage units offer a distraction-free, peaceful work environment for many entrepreneurs. Having your own space away from the distractions at home, allows you to separate your time more efficiently, letting you focus on your family while at home and your work while you’re at work.

Many tradesmen utilise storage units for small offices to process invoices, manage work documents, while keeping them safe and secure, away from home or any worksites where they may get lost or damaged.

As well as a clean and dry location for business documents and tools, storage units have onsite managers to ensure that your locker is secure and the area surrounding it is properly maintained.

Complete Flexibility

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Entrepreneurs focusing on new ideas and start-ups may find themselves on the move to new opportunities often. Self-storage units are extremely flexible; often times paid for monthly, allowing ambitious entrepreneurs a temporary office space that can be easily relocated to a new location that suits their business.

Whether you need an office for a couple of months while in a different city, or a long term space for a growing company, storage units are flexible to your needs and don’t lock you in with long lease contracts like a real-estate agent would.

If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur with the need for your own space for your work, Palmers Storage have you covered. Whether long term or short term, our spacious storage units are a convenient and affordable alternative to renting office or warehouse space. Call us today on 02 9742 6662 or contact usonline for a quote