Hipster Bars to Bug Outs : The Versatility of the Shipping Container

Hipster Bars to Bug Outs : The Versatility of the Shipping Container

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Apart from storage and relocation purposes, shipping containers are used in all walks of life, for both residential and commercial uses due to their low cost and easy upkeep. Whether you are after an extension on your home or a swimming pool for the summer, these versatile, stand-alone units might just be what you are looking for.

Let’s check out the creative and innovative ways that storage containers have already been used all throughout the world.

Home Extensions

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Whether it be a cabin in the woods or a mansion by the beach, people around the world have started to use recycled shipping containers to build their dream homes. By doing so, they have minimised their impact on the environment and their wallets.

Shipping containers can range between $1000-$4000 and can be customised in endless ways to create a unique and sustainable living environment and have caught the eyes of builders and designers worldwide.

Disaster Shelters

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In recent times, there has been a global trend that has started to rise in popularity with television programmes such as Doomsday Preppers and Dual Survival. This ‘prepper’ lifestyle involves stocking up on vital goods and supplies in preparation for the end of the world as we know it.

Arguably, the most vital part of survival is a ‘bug out location’ which have started to be constructed out of storage containers. As they are durable, relatively inexpensive and easy to customise, they have become a large consideration to a number of preppers worldwide.

Swimming Pools

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Summer is upon us and some folks have thought ahead to avoid the crowded beach this season in favour of their own personal swimming pool. Shipping containers have proven to work wonders for small swimming pools designed for a quick cool-off.

Due to their easy transportability and decent size, people from around the world have taken a pass on the expensive swimming pool in favour for a cheap alternative that can fit in almost any yard and be ready to swim in, in no time.

Bars and Restaurants

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Speaking of summer, nothing cools you down better than a nice cold drink. These pop-up bars are becoming more and more common around the world with the low startup cost and easy set up, they are trending like crazy.

The craze has really taken off in gentrifying areas of the US, where they have developed trendy night spots for the growing hipster population who embrace the weird and wonderful bars that were once used to ship their Birkenstocks.

These are just a few ways that creative people around the world have embraced the versatility and environmentally friendly features of shipping containers.

While storage containers work in a variety of ways, they are ideal for storage and relocation purposes, due to their large size and affordability. If you require safe and affordable storage solutionsfor your belongings, or a cost effective relocation service, contact Palmers Storageon 02 9742 6662 for a friendly chat and a free quote for your requirements.