What Storage Solution Is Best Suited To Your Needs?

What Storage Solution Is Best Suited To Your Needs?

As many Sydney families find themselves growing out of their homes, storage solutions are becoming more and more popular to accommodate their need for less clutter around the house. If you are considering taking the clutter from your house and storing it securely, we’ve put together a quick guide to help you decide on which storage solution would be most suited for your individual needs.

How Often Will You Be Accessing Your Belongings?

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If you require regular access to your belongings, then self-storage is the way to go. Self-storage facilities have available access 7days a week and you supply your own lock, making them exclusively secure for you. Here at Palmers, we offer a wide range of storage units, varying in 11 different sizes for everything from your comic book collection to your car.

If you’re planning on moving out of the area and require long term storage, we have many container storage solutions which are perfect for those in need of secure storage for a prolonged period of time. The great part about long-term container storage is that it is extremely cost-effective and easily transported should you need your belongings shipped to you.

Will You Be Moving Your Stored Items?

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If you plan on storing items that will need relocation in the future, we highly recommend that you seek out a storage facility that offers relocation services as they can store your goods in versatile containers that can be easily transported. By storing your property in a transportable container, you are making delivery shipments easier and more efficient, saving money on packing and unpacking.

We specialise in Mobile Storage which makes transportable storage easier than ever. If you have large items that require storage and want to skip the expenses of transporting it to a storage facility, we can arrange a container to be delivered to your home for convenience. Once you have packed the container with your belongings, we will pick it up and ship it or place it in our secure storage facility. Because of the simplicity and efficiency of mobile storage, it has become one of our most popular services as it makes moving home or business as stress free as possible.

Do You Need A lot Of Space?

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Often times, many people make the mistake of renting storage that is either too big or too small for their belongings to be appropriately stored. Here at Palmers, we offer professional assessments free of charge, so you will never be left guessing on the most cost-effective way to store your belongings. Because our facilities are so versatile, offering varying storage options, you can upgrade or downgrade your storage needs at any time depending on what you need storing.

Do You Need To Store Fragile Items Or Materials?

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If you find yourself needing to store important items such as sensitive documents, books, artworks or even your wine collection, you should seek out a temperature controlled storage unit. These units are specially designed to keep liquids such as wine and whiskey at their appropriate temperatures and at the same time keeping your documents in great condition with no chance of damage.

As well, if you find yourself needing to store precious artworks that you don’t have room for around the house, these lockers not only maintain safe storage temperatures, but as well are kept immaculately clean and dust free with no external factors affecting the work.

Many businesses seek our temperature controlled storage units as they meet legislative requirements and protect the information in sensitive documents that can’t afford to be damaged. Our climate controlled lockers are suitable for both soft and hard copies of your sensitive documents, keeping them free from damage and under constant surveillance.

How Do You Decide On A Storage Solution?

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By answering the above questions, you can make a decision on which storage solution is right for you and your family or business. The greatest asset you hold when considering storage solutions is the availability of a free-of-charge assessor to help you make the right decision based on your individual requirements. It’s important to choose a storage facility with as many options as possible, while making it easy for you to access and relocate your goods whenever you need. Here at Palmers, we specialise in secure and cost effective storage solutions for both individuals and business, making storing and transporting goods easier than ever before.

If you require storage solutions for your home or business, call Palmers Storage today on 02 9742 6662 for a friendly chat with our team and a free quote. Whether you need a few boxes of belongings to be kept safe or your entire household contents, our versatile storage services are perfect for you and your family or business. Alternatively, you can contact us online through our handy online quote formwhich will provide you with a quote in next to no time.